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of the Askahic Records Release Form

Thank you for your interest in the Akashic Records.  Here is information you will find helpful. It includes an overview of my work with the Akashic Records and how to prepare for a consultation. I look forward to working with you.

Flower of LifeAs you may know, there are many aspects to a Soul's intention for incarnating at this time, on this planet.  Your agenda or life purpose can be better answered with why certain things have happened in your life and how those circumstances fit into your total picture.  An Akashic Records Consultation can answer those questions and more.  Please read this entire post to get a better idea of how you can benefit from the energy and work of the Akashic Records.
Just to reiterate, the word "Akasha" is Sanskrit for "the primary substance of which all things are made," which is explained in more detail later in this post.  People are usually drawn to the Akasha because the letters in the word "Akasha or Akashic" vibrate to activate the heart - mind/Source connection.  One of the most wonderful aspects about a consultation or being able to open your own Records is gaining insight regarding the many facets and layers of your Soul's intention for this lifetime in various areas. Plus the ability to ask about current challenges, curiosities etc., 
The information in this post outlines my work with the Records and explains how you can benefit from a consultation and learning how to consciously access your own Akashic Records. It includes a brief overview on what the Akashic Records are, an overview of a consultation (& a Soul Path reading), and how to prepare for a telephone or in person consultation, the release form (needed for all consultations), and some examples of what can be covered during LifePath Strategies Business or Personal coaching programs using the Akashic Records as our guide. 


Here is information on how to prepare for an Akashic Records Consultation.  Please read it over before our time together.  Also remember to refrain from using any recreational drugs or alcohol 24 hours prior to our appointment time.

An Akashic Record Consultation is very interactive and is based on your questions.  Prior to coming to our appointment take time to quiet yourself and your mind. Get into a peaceful space and consider what deepest truths would best serve you to know at this time and allow your questions to come from there.  
Here are some suggestions:

a)  Look at your life circumstances or recent events. Choose the areas you need the greatest clarity. 

bNotice any recurring patterns in your life you would like to eliminate or where deeper insight would be helpful.

c)  Notice the people in your life that offer you the greatest challenge and/or frustration.  Ask how you can best work with them for the highest good of all concerned and the lesson being presented.
The Akashic Records will rarely tell you what to do -- instead, they give you all the information you need to make the appropriate choices to create your future. Also an Akashic Records Consultation is not like a psychic reading. A consultation deals with the here and now to help you create your future. You will also receive insight if there are any blocks you may have that prevent you from being all you can be. If future is indicated or mentioned it is in probabilities or possibilities, because there are many. Rarely is it absolute because we are on a planet of free will choice -- meaning the choices we make today create our future.

It is important to know a consultation is based 100% on your questions. The more specific your questions the clearer your answer. However if you need some assistance framing the questions I will help you.

Click Here to DOWNLOAD a PDF

The following are some examples of how to phrase questions for your consultation:

1.  What is my Soul's intention regarding the pattern of _________?
2.  How can I open my heart to ___________?
3.  What is blocking me from ______________________?
… attracting and maintaining a healthy, loving relationship?
… creating/attracting/accepting and maintaining the abundance & prosperity of the   Universe?
… moving forward with _________?
4. Please give me insight into the situation of __________.
5. What do I need to release to _____________?
… learn to trust myself?
… accept myself and feel whole and complete?
The above are only samples of how to phrase questions.  Allow your questions to come from your heart.

The fee for a telephone consultation is $111.00 for 1 hour, or $166.00 1 1/2 hours. 
Please e-mail your questions to me at and have your questions written down with a pen and paper to take notes during our session.
For telephone consultations, please make check or money order payable to Laurie Anderson and mail prior to our appointment with your signed release form.

At the time of our telephone appointment I will call you at the number you provided for me.
Thank you.  I look forward to our time together.
Love, Light, Laughter and Many  Blessings.

Laurie Anderson
Akashic Records Consultant
3412 Las Vegas Drive, Oceanside, CA 92054. 
Call 619-271-9461



The Akashic Records are the individual Records of a Soul from the time it extends from Source until it returns to Source.  At the time we make the decision to experience life as an independent entity, there is a field of Energy created to record every thought, word, emotion and action generated by that experience. That field of energy is the Akashic Records.  Akashic, because it is composed of Akasha, the energetic substance from which all life is formed, and Records, because its objective is to record all life experience.

By opening the Akashic Records with a sacred prayer, we align ourselves to the vibration of the one receiving the consultation (either ourselves or another). The prayer works with energetic vibration to "key in" to the specific "name" of the lifeform, and carries with it God's protection through Masters, Teachers and Loved Ones.

The information in the Akashic Records helps us bring our past and our future present in our now. By accessing the Akashic Records, we can identify and release anything that we have created that has become a block to our present realization
of our oneness with God/Source.

We can look at why we have addictive patterns, why we choose the relationships we do, why we have created our habitual responses, and how to create action in our lives instead of re-action.

The healing energy of the Akashic Records allows us the freedom to choose Grace in all things; therefore, overriding any illusion we have created that causes us to believe we are separate from God/Spirit/Source.

It is one of the most powerful tools available on the planet today to help us re-member our oneness with God/Spirit/Source.

Akashic Record Consultations bring clarity to your life's purpose; assist
in clearing emotional, career, and relationship blocks and deepen your
connection with the Divine.  For more information on consultations and
workshops in your area call Laurie Reyon Anderson at 619-271-9461.

Workshops are available for those who feel called to the energy of the Akasha
to learn to access their own Records.

Here are some of the ways students are using
their work with the Akashic Records:

Healers, Doctors, & Nurses
Open their own Records in service to their clients to expand the healing energy.
Open their Records to understand how they can best parent their children.
Open their Records to go deeper into the character to feel & hear the underlying essence of what the writer intended.
Open their Records to break writers block, expand their story, characters or book.
Open their Records to consciously partner with the Divine to paint, sculpt, draw, design or create new mediums.
Open their Records to create curriculum or workshops to better serve their students.
Business Owners
Open their Records to create better business, new products, and lead with their heart.
Added Bonus – Open your Records to read sacred texts and hear the authors' unwritten commentary, it's like reading between the lines; walk in nature, listen to music, all with a heightened awareness as you
experience the energy of the Akasha.


Akashic Record consultations are a different vibration and go deeper to the core issue or Soul’s intention surrounding the situation. During the consultation (and beyond) expanded joy is available while the client is being held in the healing Divine Energy of the Akasha.  The Akashic Records will never tell you what to do, instead they will give you all the information you need to make the appropriate decision.  Suggested Akashic Records questions contain open ended wording or phrasing.  This encourages the client to be open, to go deeper than the surface or immediate outcome and empowers them with information to create change in their life.  Examples of Akashic Records consultation questions are: 
“What is blocking me from attracting and maintaining the abundance and prosperity of the Universe?  What is blocking me from attracting and maintaining a healthy loving relationship?  Tell me the positives and negatives of moving to Colorado verses staying here. What is creating these relationship issues?  Please give me insight into the situation of ____. ”

What can I expect to receive from an Akashic Records Consultation?
Although everyone is different, with different needs and agendas here are some areas my clients have been helped with during, as well as insights that came clear after, an Akashic Records Consultation.

  • Clarity about your life in the here and now
  • Deeper understanding of your Soul's intention for patterns of behavior, fears, types of situations or people in your life, (for example: toxic/controlling people, money issues, procrastination, self sabotage, unexplained fears or unsatisfactory relationships) with techniques of how to release them and move forward.
  • Insight regarding right livelihood or career choices.
  • Methods to release negative/unsupportive beliefs and expand your joy
  • Parenting information and insight about what your children (of all ages) need from you.

You may also ask about more global issues.  During your consultation you can ask about whatever you want more clarity on in your life. 

Click Here to DOWNLOAD a PDF

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